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As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, "8 Ball Pool" is a popular multiplayer online pool game developed by Miniclip. It is available on various platforms, including mobile devices (iOS and Android) and web browsers.

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In this game, participants can partake in individual pool matchups against friends or competitors worldwide. The primary objective is to successfully pocket all assigned balls (either stripes or solids) and subsequently sink the 8-ball for victory. Taking turns to shoot, players are required to declare their shots and pot their designated balls in a specific sequence.

"8 Ball Pool" provides diverse gaming modes, including tournaments, leagues, and a practice option. It also enables players to acquire in-game currency or coins through matches and various activities. These virtual funds can be utilized to purchase cues, personalize avatars, and engage in higher-stakes games.

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Game Rules

Here are the fundamental guidelines for playing 8-ball pool:

Setting Up the Game:

- Arrange the 15 object balls in a triangular rack, with the 8-ball at the center.

- Place the 1-ball at the front and follow a specific order when racking the balls.


- The player who wins the lag or toss takes the first break.

- The break shot involves hitting the cue ball into the racked balls to scatter them.

- At least four balls must hit the cushions or a ball must be pocketed; otherwise, it's a foul, and the incoming player gets ball-in-hand.

Choosing Groups:

- After the break, the player pocketing a ball selects either "stripes" or "solids."

- If both a stripe and a solid are pocketed, the player can choose any group.

Pocketing Balls:

- Players must legally pocket their group of balls first.

- Legal shots involve hitting one of your own group balls first.

- Any pocketed ball after a legal shot counts toward your group.

Calling Shots:

- It's common to call the ball and pocket when shooting.

- Failing to make the called shot gives the opponent ball-in-hand.


- Fouls include scratching, failing to hit any ball, hitting an opponent's ball first, not cushioning after contact, or making an illegal shot.

- The incoming player gets ball-in-hand after a foul.

Winning the Game:

- To win, pocket all your group balls and legally pocket the 8-ball.

- Choose to pocket the 8-ball after your last group ball or on a subsequent shot.

- Pocketing the 8-ball before your group balls results in a loss.

- If a player pockets the 8-ball and scratches, they lose.

Miscellaneous Rules:

- A scratched cue ball on the break gives the incoming player ball-in-hand.

- Jump shots are allowed, ensuring no balls jump off the table.

In "bar rules," players can keep shooting after a foul until they miss. 

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These represent the core rules of 8-ball pool, but variations and house rules may exist. Always clarify rules before playing, especially in competitive or unfamiliar settings.

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