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Bloons TD 6 (Tower Defense 6) is a popular tower defense game developed by Ninja Kiwi. It is the sixth installment in the Bloons TD series and offers a strategic and engaging gameplay experience. Here are some key features and aspects of Bloons TD 6


The primary goal in Bloons TD 6 is to prevent colorful balloons (referred to as "bloons") from reaching the end of a set path. Players achieve this by strategically placing various towers along the path to pop the bloons before they can escape. Towers

The game features a wide variety of towers, each with unique abilities, strengths, and upgrade paths. Towers include dart monkeys, cannons, wizards, snipers, and many more. Players must strategically choose and place towers to effectively deal with different types of bloons, each with its own characteristics.


Players can upgrade their towers to enhance their effectiveness. Upgrades include increased attack speed, greater popping power, and the addition of special abilities. Towers can be customized to suit different strategies and challenges.


Bloons TD 6 introduces hero characters with special abilities that can be placed on the battlefield. Heroes level up over time, gaining new abilities and becoming more powerful. Each hero has a unique set of skills that can complement the player's overall strategy.

Maps and Modes

The game features a variety of maps with different paths and challenges. There are also different game modes, including standard, co-op, and special missions, adding variety and replay value to the gameplay.

Monkeys Knowledge

The Monkey Knowledge system allows players to earn points by completing challenges and objectives. These points can be spent on various upgrades and enhancements, providing additional customization and strategic options.


Different types of bloons with varying speeds, immunities, and abilities add complexity to the gameplay. Players need to adapt their strategies to counter the characteristics of each bloon type.

Co-op Mode

Bloons TD 6 supports co-op multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends and tackle challenges together. Each player can contribute unique towers and strategies to overcome the bloon onslaught.

Updates and New Content

Ninja Kiwi regularly releases updates and additional content for Bloons TD 6, including new towers, maps, and game modes, keeping the game fresh and engaging for players. Overall, Bloons TD 6 has gained popularity for its challenging gameplay, variety of towers and upgrades, and the strategic depth it offers to players.

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